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GuanXi Magazine is a primarily English language quarterly publication serving the expatriot community in Central Taiwan. Featuring articles on local people, events and issues – matters of info and interest to the community – the magazine is designed as a means of connection.
By entertaining and informing, GuanXi aims to build bridges.

GuanXi is also online via this blog, which presents all of the content from the magazine (plus longer articles and bonus photos!).

Here, GuanXi readers may comment on (or critique) any particular article and engage other readers on the subject thereof.

We invite you to subscribe or grab the RSS feed.

GuanXi is also on Facebook, where readers can provide real time feedback to the editorial and design staff, thus enhancing the content and functionality of the publication, as well as engage and connect with other readers on any topic of interest to the community or the individual.  Join the group…reach out and grab some GuanXi.

In these ways (and a few other tricks up Gil’s sleeve), GuanXi magazine seeks to help foster a deeper level of communication within the community: on the printed page, on the internet, and on the street.




關係還提供了一個線上論壇給讀者,使讀者可以透過 Facebook,提供及時反饋給編輯和設計者,進而提昇出版內容,並吸引其他讀者來閱讀相關文章;因此,身為積極、負責的出版者,在頁面上我們絕對堅守內容之把關,。







5 Responses

  1. […] “Change.” Guanxi Magazine. 2011: March 4. Online. […]

  2. […] “Change.” Guanxi Magazine. 2011: March 4. Online. […]

  3. I’m curious if Guanxi magazine is looking into the recent bar and restaurant closings in Taichung. Need someone to write about it? I’d be glad to.

  4. Teacher mark has told me about the ”Guanxi Magazine,”so i tried to find the website of it(:D)I browsed through some of the articles,and that was AMAZING!!
    Teacher Matt,You’re the BEST!!

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