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Letter from the Editor – GuanXi IV

Welcome to GuanXi Four – the Spring issue – marking our first full year. To celebrate this auspicious achievement we’ve put together yet another fantastic magazine for your enjoyment. I’d buff my fingernails on my shirt front but it prevents me from typing. I am, you may trust, composing this letter with a particularly smug and satisfied look on my face. You should see Gilbert – he’s absolutely giddy with excitement and performing his interpretive GuanXi happy dance. Matt is also very pleased but he tends to be more taciturn.

To mark GuanXi Mark IV, we are pleased to present our first ever centerfold – designed to be popped out and proudly hung on your wall; a limited edition suitable for framing. You can SEE IT HERE, but the proper centerfold is only available in the magazine.
It was supposed to be a naked photo of Gilbert (designed to be guiltily hidden under your mattress) but the pics were stolen. The list of suspects is, as you might imagine, almost infinite. Nevertheless, the feature was rescued by cartoonist Chris Lecours who raises a long suspected question about the world’s smartest human, Noam Chomsky.

GuanXi is also very pleased to host a feature from Taipei based photographer Tobie Openshaw, who recently organized a Ted X Talk on the island. Mr. Openshaw has spent years studying an unique Taiwanese cultural phenomenon: Betel Nut Beauties. Whether you think it’s a matter of shocking exploitation or a happy yet dangerous distraction while driving, his insight and photos will give you a fresh perspective on the subject.

Hamock Myson returns
, in his inimitable style, with another work of fiction tracing the path of a particular bit of filthy lucre through the local economy while making thin reference to classic poetry. Let me not to the sharing of his fine tale admit impediments.

Kate Nicholson, in her recurring role as GuanXi’s culture maven, interviews a Fulbright scholar who is deeply involved with environmental art here in Taiwan and with curating exhibits featuring Taiwanese artists. Her outstanding article on Jane Ingram Allen presents some great photos and a fresh look at what it means to make art.

GuanXi is further pleased to announce that we now hobnob with a real live journalist. WaPo’s Taiwan stringer, Amber Parcher, haunts the island covering all things of interest to America. She spent her Chinese New Year visiting Cambodia and has taken the time to share her experience.

Amanda Fiore graces us with yet another poem. Amanda left Taiwan to pursue an MFA in creative writing back in the States and has been so kind as to flash glimpses of the depth and breadth of her talent. It is no exaggeration to say she is doing exactly what she was always meant to – being a writer and a poet – and that you should hang on to the early issues of GuanXi because her work appears in these pages.

We also have a bit of a blast from the past. Some may recall the magazine 24/7 and the crazed rantings of an untethered crank who called himself Mr. Bitch. Perhaps a quote from Elton John would be appropriate: The bitch is back. Stone cold sober as a matter of fact…
Not a precise quote, nor precisely accurate. Turns out it’s not easy to maintain that level of vexation…or sobriety.

As always, the articles found here are also available in the dead tree version. You can pick up a copy at any of the fine establishments listed in the left column. We invite you to leave comments for our contributors. We also invite you to join the GuanXi Facebook group, where you can communicate directly with the community and leave notes for Matt, Gilbert and yours truly. We do want to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions…and we’d love to have you get involved. It’s your GuanXi.

The Spring is sprung, the grass is riz…I wonder where your GuanXi is.

Gan bei!


為了使關係五有新氣象,我們驕傲地宣布關係五將附有我們第一份的摺頁海報,您可撕下海報展開來貼在您住家的牆上,原本那應是一張Gildbert的裸照(應被藏在您的床墊下)但照片卻被偷了,如您所猜想,嫌疑犯的名單太長而無從找起;然而,漫畫家Chris Lecours卻對嫌疑犯有所憶測,他向世界最聰明的人Noam Chomsky提出一些嫌疑性的疑問。

關係也很榮幸能夠主辦攝影師Tobie Openshaw的展覽,他最近辦了一個Ted X Talk,Openshaw先生花了數年研究台灣獨特的文化:檳榔西施,不論你是否認為那是一種令人震驚的探索,或者只是在開車時會令你分心的危險因子,但他的照片將帶給您對於檳榔西施全新的觀點。

Hamock Myson回來了!以他獨特的風格創作,他用那虛空的言詞創作古典詩詞,只為了追求取得骯髒財富之途徑, 別因為我而阻礙了你欣賞他的作品。

Kate Nicholson再次為關係做了一個文化專題,她訪談Jane Ingram Allen,她得到Fulbright獎學金來到台灣,專研台灣環境文化及台灣藝術家的展示等,Kate傑出的訪談並呈現多樣化的照片,為藝術帶來新的觀點。

關係也很開心我們現在與一位WaPo的台灣記者Amber Parcher合作,她鑽研與美國相關之話題,她利用農曆新年的假期拜訪東埔塞並分享她的經驗。

Amanda Fiore提供另一首詩使雜誌更加多元,Amanda離開台灣到MFA,在美國寫作並分享她的寫作才能,這麼說並不誇大,她正在做她一直以來都想做的事-成為一位作家與詩人,你該看看關係的前幾季季刊,因為她的作品在前幾季都有刊登。

我們也從過去也得到了一些批評,有些人應該還記得24/7及不知哪個稱自己為Mr.Bitch的怪人的瘋狂的嚷叫聲,或許引用Elton John的歌詞較為適合:婊子回來了,如冰冷的石頭般冷峻,實質上…既不是非常精準的引用,也不是非常的準確;事實上是要保持煩惱或冷靜的程度很不容易。






2 Responses

  1. This is helpful!

  2. Small correction: I didn’t actually “organize” the TEDxMonga event, I was merely a participant in it. Thanks for the article and I welcome any comments!
    Tobie Openshaw

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