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Change – Amanda Fiore

it was gold and yellow when it came

dressed in silk camouflage ribbons
and carried plumbers’ tools

it swung its orange-peel tongue
like a sassy aunt

and shook its fat fairy-tale fingers
into pools

I stayed frozen and afraid in my ancient chest–
my cage of decrepit bones

Thought to protect the old organ
but it came fast

plunged in a cold metal hook
combed its iron coils

my skin slid off
like an old gym sock

and it plucked my eyes
to squish between its toes

when the dirty work was done
it sewed two terrible hearts

embroidered them with spiders lace
stuck them on with glue

then it hung the old me
on a splintered fence post
and sat back on its haunches.

I turned this way and that
admiring my new colored scales
like a thousand tiny dresses.

I never wanted to change
but when it was through
like a crisp breath of colored sand

there was no more me
and so
no more you.


3 Responses

  1. […] “Change.” Guanxi Magazine. 2011: March 4. Online. […]

  2. […] “Change.” Guanxi Magazine. 2011: March 4. Online. […]

  3. Amanda. Great jumped up me on skis.


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