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OTR – Off The Radar

Second Hand Warehouse

This place is heaven for homeowners and renters alike. With second hand items ranging from furniture to appliances it would be impossible to leave without having found multiple items to improve the comfort of your home. On the first floor you will find some consumer and industrial appliances, wooden cabinets and tables, shelves and all kinds of other items like paintings and separators. The second floor is where the furniture might be (there is a separate warehouse with more). Whether you need a new bed or a whole new living room set you will find it here.


Second Hand Computers
This indoor/outdoor place may be easy to pass by with the glimmering lights of Nova just beyond, but it is really a great place to get all your computer needs met. King Kong is the man to talk to here, as he speaks English and knows everything about computers, new and old. Simply tell him what your price range is and what you will use your new computer for and he will set you up within an afternoon. Although many of the computers they have for sale are built from second hand parts, they can also help you build a super-computer by walking you through Nova and purchasing the hardware you need for the best prices possible.


Second Hand Market
This Sunday market is a conglomerate of over 100 stalls and vendors with second hand items ranging from power tools to home entertainment. Amidst piles of shoes, stacks of nick-knacks and hordes of speakers, you are sure to find some thing that you have been looking for for year, without even knowing it. Located just after the Beitun train track underpass, you might want to bring the car or take a taxi, as it is doubtful you will be leaving with a small enough bounty to fit on a scooter. Get there bright and early because it closes around noon.


Quality Western Clothing
Although not second hand, this outlet has chopped its prices enough that you can convince your Western friends that you make a lot more than you do. Items that usually cost well over NT3000 can be found here for NT400-1000. If you are a lover of nature you will have a field day here stocking up on warm, durable clothing for any season. Or, if you just want to be the coolest kid in the complex, check out all their fashionable brands and stock up for the winter. It won’t be long until you finally have some affordable clothing that will last for years.


Recovered Furniture
Cathy began designing and producing custom apparel, accessories, and handicrafts under the name Chameleon in 2005. When she is not in her studio, designing and sewing custom made clothing, silk screen printing or repairing old abandoned furniture, she fills her time teaching languages, art, drama and design to children and adults. Cathy enjoys children’s storytelling, acting and doing Improv comedy. For the past few years, she has been very active as costume designer for independent theatre and film productions in Taiwan and Macau.

Cathy Wilson 加拿大 ,艾德蒙頓, 亞柏達人。主修拉丁語系,語言學及第二外語之學習,Cathy在完成大學課業之後,便前往歐洲任教及學習。機緣之下來到亞洲,目前台灣堪稱她的家,在台灣居住十二年之後,她也已經拿到台灣永久居留權。

從2005年開始,Cathy以Chameleon之名從事她的設計創作,設計主要以服裝,配件,手工藝品為主。創作之餘,她也涉略絹印及替二手傢具換裝。目前,Cathy也從事藝術和語言教學,兒童故事及即席喜劇表演, 可說是個多才多藝的藝術家。在過去這幾年,則以服裝設計為主,合作對象大部分是台灣及澳門獨立劇場及片製作。

chameleon2005@gmail.com 0917 039 553


2 Responses

  1. Hi there,
    Where can I find the second hand warehouse?

  2. Thanks for the great info. Have been looking for places to pick up used gear. Great magazine. Keep up the good work.

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