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Letter from the Editor – GuanXi III

Welcome to GuanXi Three. The number three is jammed to the gills with significance: The three qualities of the divine (omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence); three facets of human capability (thought, word, and deed); three dimensions (length, breadth, and depth); three divisions of time (past, present, and future); three divisions of matter (animal, vegetable, and mineral), while grammatically, three persons encompass all possible relationships of mankind. Three sets a rather demanding standard but one which I believe our contributors have, again, forced into submission with a triangle choke.

This tertiary issue of GuanXi brings the conclusion of Kate Nicholson’s piece on the artists of Stock 20. I had the pleasure of visiting the studios recently – met Jon Renzella (see GuanXi 2) and took in Cathy Wilson’s opening. One can easily see why Kate fell in love with the place. Check out her article, and drop down to the studios behind the train station to have a look around and be truly awed by the art going on right here in Taichung.

GuanXi’s poet laureate, Amanda Fiore, has penned another bit of verse recalling her long ago love affair with Taiwan, and Lonny Knapp makes a return visit to Formosa (of sorts) on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Aging rookie Garry Young took a stroll through the older part of Taichung to shoot some amazing photos. His efforts well display a part of the city you may never have taken the time to explore, but I feel confident that his sharp eye will provoke many to go see for themselves. I wish we had more space, but you can see much more of his work at http://www.guanximag.wordpress.com.

Ben Camp returns, casting his prose at the King Boat festival – a spectacular event which only happens once every three years (Three!), and from Hamock Myson comes an unsettling bit of fiction about the oddly consistent shade of the ubiquitous blue trucks that inhabit the island. Always answer your phone. Never get out of the boat and always answer your phone.

Chef Alvarez presents the ultimate DIY project for anyone who wants to age a cow past its lifespan and thereby render it even more delicious, as well as a couple of ideas about what the mouth-watering beast might best wear post proper grilling. Mmmm. Steak.

Dave Flint has advice for anyone whose dog isn’t cooperating with the whole sit, stay, stop humping my leg thing. He went out to see The Dog Whisperer in action and returns to tell the tale, despite some unidentifiable stains on his pant legs.

GuanXi Three, baby. We’re up, we’re down, we’re all over town.

Avi – Editor

在關係雜誌第三期中,帶來了Kate Nicholson對於20號倉庫藝術家們所給予的結論。最近我很榮幸地有機會到他們的工作室裡進行拜訪,並有幸與Jon Renzella會面(詳情請閱讀關係二)以及參加了Cathy Wilson的開幕。
  關係的榮譽詩人Amanda Fiore曾創作了一首關於她很久以前與台灣戀愛的詩詞,而Lonny Knapp在安大略湖邊回到了福爾摩沙參觀(勉強稱得算是如此)。
  Garry Young在漫遊在台中的舊巿區街道中,順手拍攝了一些很棒的照片。他努力並完美地呈現出台中部份地區之美好,那是你或許從未花時間探索過的地方。我認為他獨到的觀察力會帶領許多人到該地區一遊,而我也希望關係有更多的頁面可以刊登他的作品。不過若是你想觀看更多報導這個部份的相關內容,你也可以上www.guanximag.wordpress.com查詢。
  Ben Camp回來了,選了二項他想要作為散文撰寫的主題。一項是東港迎王平安祭,這是一個三年才舉辦一次的祭典,場面非常地壯觀!另一項是一部小說,是有關在台灣普遍可以看到的藍色卡車之間細微的差別,記得一定要接電話,別下船!接電話!
  至於家中有養狗狗的人呢,Dave Flint走了一趟狗狗訓練師那兒進行訪問並分享個人經驗。若您的愛犬不服從你的指令如:坐、待著、別動等,儘管他的褲管沾染了一些不是很明顯的污漬,他仍然給了一些寶貴的建議。


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