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Chef Alvarez – Pomelos

The summer seemed to shoot by this year, I for one am not too sad to see it go. It feels like every year the summers get hotter and more humid, so I’m looking forward to a slight cooling off.

As we get into mid September, there is one very important festival going on: Zhongqiujie, or the Moon Cake Festival. Dating back over 3,000 years, this festival marks the harvest. Typically family and friends will gather to admire the mid-autumn moon, eat moon cake, pomelo, and bbq. There is one custom I have heard about but have yet to see and that is to wear the pomelo skin on your head. I’m not much for new fashion trends and would prefer to just eat my pomelo with some chili salt and leave it at that.

I guess you can probably see by now where this is going: pomelos.
Also known as citrus maxima, it is not as sour as a grapefruit but just as juicy and refreshing. I decided to have a month long dish using pomelo at Hotel ONE. All you have to do is brave the dizzying heights all the way up to the 46th floor to Top of ONE to get it.

This is a Thai inspired dish called Yam Sam O or Pomelo Shrimp Salad.
You should have no trouble finding pomelo in the markets and you can go shrimp fishing if you want to catch your own (or just buy those, too). This is a very simple and refreshing salad to make. I hope you like it and I will see you in the next edition of GuanXi Magazine.


柑橘薄荷鮮蝦沙拉 Pomelo Shrimp Salad

鮮蝦 約3條 Shrimp, 3pc 80gr

文旦pomelo 0.5ea
香檸醬汁lime dressing 0.5 rcp

胡蘿蔔絲 carrot, julienne 25gr

香菜切碎coriander, chopped 3gr

薄荷切碎mint, chopped 4gr

甜菜頭絲 beet, julienne 25gr

洋蔥絲 onion, julienne 20gr

黃瓜絲cucumber, julienne 25gr

烤過的花生 peanuts, toasted 15gr

蒜酥片 garlic, fried crisp 4gr

乾蔥酥片 shallot, fried crisp 6gr

鹽 salt tt

胡椒 pepper tt

Season and pan roast the prawns. As they are cooking, combine the julienne vegetables in a bowl and toss with dressing. Place the salad into a small mound in the center of a plate and arrange the prawns standing on end around. Sprinkle the salad with mint and coriander leaves, toasted peanuts, and the fried garlic and shallots.
NOTE: the fried garlic and shallots are made by frying in clean hot oil until golden crisp.


香檸醬汁 Lime Dressing

lime, juice萊姆汁 1ea

rice vinegar 醋 20ml

sesame oil 芝麻油 50ml

fish sauce 魚露 10ml

coriander, chopped 香菜切碎 5gr

ginger, chopped 薑切碎 5gr

garlic, chopped 蒜切碎 6gr

mint, chopped 薄荷切碎 4gr

red chili, seeded, chopped 紅辣椒去籽切碎 5gr

salt 鹽 tt
pepper 胡椒 tt

Mix all of the above ingredients together very well and adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. Please be careful when using salt in this recipe as fish sauce is already salty, so go easy.



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