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GuanXi #2 Coming Next Week

The second issue of GuanXi magazine is at the printer and will hit the street early next week.

GuanXi aims to set a standard for well written bits; to provide something of interest for everyone, and to make each article one you will enjoy taking the time to read. In this continuing effort to keep on keepin’ on, our contributors have stepped up and smacked it out of the park.

In this episode, a journey of conscience – from Mormon missionary to secular humanist. You’ve seen the starched white shirts and black pants peddling bicycles – the Elders working the intersections, desperately seeking tithers. Some of us have even taken the time to…chat…with the very polite Latter Day Saints. David Drake arrived a missionary and left a philosopher. The story of his theological liberation is both fascinating and inspiring.

Every English language magazine ever published on this island offered someone holding forth on what it’s like to be an expat in Taiwan. But, of course, you already know exactly what’s that like.

GuanXi shifts perspective with Mike “Banyan Tree” Leznoff: What’s it like to go back home? What will you miss? What will you regret? Find out what may lie in wait for you somewhere down the road.

In the same vein, GuanXi’s Poet Laureate, Amanda Fiore, has put her Formosan hindsight into verse. We always knew Amanda had a poet’s heart – turns out she also swings a poet’s pen.

Our resident culture maven, Kate Nicholson, returns with the first in a series profiling the artists of Stock 20 studios. You will meet three artists here with more to come in future issues.

Is the next Banksy skulking around Taichung in the middle of the night with cans of spray paint? See for yourself: Urban art and graffiti get some attention in a photo-essay from Ben Camp.

Chef Nick Alvarez is back with a fashionable idea about pomelos (and another delicious recipe) from his perch atop Hotel ONE.

The cover art comes courtesy of conspiracy theorist and satirical cartoonist Christian Lecours, who will neither confirm nor deny being present on the grassy knoll…but it’s interesting to note that his students greet him by saying, “Back…and to the left!” You can check out more of his work at www.illuminatirex.com.

GuanXi Number Two. We hope you enjoy it and, as always, we invite you to get involved.

It’s your GuanXi.

Gan bei!



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