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The Launch Party!

The GuanXi Launch Party and Charity Jam went down last Saturday at Bollywood, and it was one of the best parties Taichung has seen in some time. As promoted and promised: Great people, great music, great food and lots of cold drinks.

I wish I had more details to share – that’s how good a party it was. In any case, we want to thank Vickie, Sophia and the staff at Bollywood for the fantastic service and the very excellent venue. If you’re planning some sort of event that doesn’t require an empty warehouse, do yourself a favour and check out the second floor at Bollywood. Very nice spot.

Next, a massive thank you with a couple of deep Japan-style bows to Dave Flint, Rob (someone please tell me his last name!) and the Taiwanese guy playing fiddle (anyone got his name?). They rocked the house with great tunes – far better than I had any right to expect. I knew we’d have a fun jam, but these guys played the hell out of the place. And special extra thanks to Taichung’s own hard blowin’ blues harp, Honkin’ Hank Westheim, who brought a little bit of Magic Dick to the show.

Thanks to the writers who made the scene: Kate, Breanna, Rummy (a nom de plume…he prefers to remain unknown) and Ben. And all the folks of whose company I had the distinct pleasure: Daniele, Nina, Delou, Nadine, those boys from back home in Nova Scotia whose names escape me, Francisco, Dale from Whose Travel, Laura ‘Cuz’ MacKenzie…and all the people who I know were there but have receded into the fog of my extraordinarily good time.

Matt Flint, as always, deserves special mention for his massive organizational skills, and Gilbert (who failed to perform his interpretive dance number as promised) is totally on the hook for next time.

Thanks to all who came out. That Saturday night was a perfect little moment that expressed so very well just what GuanXi hopes to do and hopes to be. Get involved…it’s your GuanXi.


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  1. […] / charity jam for our new English language magazine – GuanXi – last Saturday night. Cross posting the review from the mag blog. Enjoy. Also, feel free to join our FB group if you want to know what’s happening in Taichung, […]

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