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GuanXi Magazine, based in Taichung, is an English language magazine primarily serving the expatriot community in Central Taiwan. Featuring articles on local artists, musicians, events, festivals and other happenings of interest to the foreign community, the magazine is designed as a means of communication – connecting a varied community with the people and events around them – as well as a bridge to the local residents – a means to expand and strengthen the relationships between the foreign community and their hosts.

GuanXi also presents, in conjunction with the magazine, an online forum via Facebook where readers can provide real time feedback to the editorial and design staff, thus enhancing the content and functionality of the publication, as well as engage and connect with other readers on any topic of interest to the community or the individual. In this way, GuanXi magazine seeks to ensure a deep level of communication with the community – both in the distribution of content on the printed page, and as a responsive and active participant.


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